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Greenberg Traurig's Legal Food Talk

Aug 13, 2021

In this episode of Greenberg Traurig’s Legal Food Talk, host Justin Prochnow teams up with former Denver Bronco and NFL HOFer Terrell Davis and COO Megan Bushell, co-founders of DEFY. Megan and Terrell break down how they got involved in the hemp space and what led them to bringing a Hemp Performance Drink to market. Terrell talks about life after football and how being more than just the face of the business continues to fuel that competitive drive that helped bring two Superbowl victories to Denver. The trio also discuss the less than clear regulatory climate around CBD and hemp and what led to branching out to other products like DEFY Alkaline Water. Megan and Terrell also discuss how being a Black Owner, Woman Owned, Veteran Owned business drives the causes they are passionate about and the charities they focus on. Listen in and you just might feel like standing up and giving a Mile High salute when you are done.

Presumably you will add the other standard paragraph to it. It would be awesome to get it out on Friday if we can as Megan and the other co-founder Beau are joining our table at the Denver Polo Classic on Saturday.